The Coffee House Adventures

Given the chance to drive somewhere undiscovered, try something new or indulge in the quaint elements of a new setting is an opportunity I will never pass down. I see it 5ab422b2d1ea9a296f15a5d36219d808as an opportunity to indulge in something that is new to one’s sense.

Between multiple jobs and quality time with family & friends it’s quite easy to forget to fit some “Meg time” into the day. I’ve always treasured coffee shops, their quaintness, the story they have to tell and of course the coffee. In a hope to spoil my love for coffee shops I’ve done the “typical Meg” thing, created a list. Aside from my hometown and Boston I don’t usually explore beyond those boundaries, until now. My list is composed of 10 coffee shops and cafes in the Boston area. The Coffee House Adventures (2015 Edition) are now in session.