Movies, Books, and a Tasty Frappe

A weekend of frappes, timeless movies and plenty of reading never seems to disappoint me. In fact it fills me with an immense amount of joy that I can’t seem to explain. So often, us human beings are swept away by the casualties in life, that are disguised as blessings. Jobs, relationships, technology, silly inconsequential things that may or may not mean anything ten years down the line. I would much rather fill my life with the small moments that are anything but unforgettable. My weekend has been filled with a plethora of tiny and extraordinary moments, resulting in a very infectious and happy mood for me. Life is not an abundance of large spectacular moments; rather it is a collection of meager and simple instances. I should have had my wisdom teeth taken out ages ago!

But in all seriousness, the past few weeks has revolved around making money, commuting to work and spending any extra time I have with family and friends. The key thing missing from that list and possibly the most important, me time.

Friday morning I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out and went under the knife for the very first time. Usually, I’m not one to be scared of surgeries or anything medical related so things went seemingly well. My recovery has been speedy and only a bit difficult. All things considered, especially the previous stories I’ve heard, I’m a lucky kid. I have had the opportunity to watch some of my favorite classics, The Princess Diaries 1 & 2, The Help, Singing in The Rain, Mama Mia, The Fault in our Stars and finish some wonderful books, along with spending some quality time with my sweet mum and dad. This weekend has been something I’ve been craving for a while now, some time to enjoy the simple things in life. Having escaped the hectic world and in a sense lock myself in my house and forget all other responsibilities for just one weekend was just the medicine I needed.

Warning: This is not something I suggest doing every weekend, just when you start to reach that tipping point. We all need a few mental health days every once in a while.

I leave this weekend feeling accomplished in a whole new way, it’s as if my entire body is rejuvenated with the energy it was so lacking before. I may not be ready to conquer the world, but I’m most definitely to rock my hour and a half commute tomorrow morning while singing some good ‘Ol blues.