Sweet Memories, Celebrations and Blowing out The Candles

Summertime is full of celebrations; the celebration for our Country’s freedom, the parties that honor the friendships we keep and sunny days that we bask in, and, of course, my personal favorite, birthdays. While all of these joyous events hold different meanings to one another, I find birthdays to be the most beloved among them, particularly in the summer. Maybe I’m a bit partial since I’m a summer birthday gal, but I have my other reasons.

First, I’ve always been fond of celebrations that take place outside. Surprise parties, cookouts, music events, and many more. Having the opportunity to soak in the rays of happiness that take place outside allows the imagination to run free and offers no limits or boundaries. When I’m at a cookout I am not confined to a certain level of space, I feel no need to worry about the volume of my voice and most importantly, I can feel the sun shining down on me.

Second, the food. It’s no secret to those who know me that food may just be one of my favorite things to talk about. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I sure know when to appreciate a good meal. So when summer comes around the opportunity to eat copious amounts of hot dogs, lobster, anything friend makes for an extremely happy Meg.

Last but certainly not least, crafting. With birthdays come gifts, and with gifts comes putting thought into a present that will be given to someone that you must be fond of in one way or another. Ever since I was a young girl I enjoyed coloring outside the lines, creating silly & obscure crafts and seeing the reaction on my mother’s face when I presented these unique gifts to her. Over time, I practiced my “craft” so to say and with time my once childish projects turned into creative projects.

Now that my days aren’t filled with classes, sorority obligations or long tedious essays, I have the opportunity to craft as much as my heart desires. And it just so happens that I have quite a few friends with June birthdays.

One of my suitemates has a birthday the day before mine on June 18th. Adri is a dear friend who enjoys the simplest to the finest things in life. Her admiration for art, literature and film never ceases to amaze me and neither does her God-loving, ambitious and sincere personality. Over the course of the past year, Adri and I’s friendship became something that I hold extremely close to my heart. That being said I wanted her birthday gift to hold both meaning and a personal touch.

Being on the college budget that I am, I don’t necessarily have the funds to buy lavish gifts. Instead I thought simply, what does Adri love? She loves coffee, tea, yarn, letters, beautiful handwriting and the simple things. With that being said, I decided the traditional Starbucks mug with the Boston skyline would be the perfect fit. Inside she’ll find tiny pieces of paper with silly quotes from our school year scrawled out on them, tied up with a piece of yarn. Last was the card. Written with thought and care on a piece of cardstock, I burned the edges and sides to give a vintage look and finished off the envelope with a stamp on the back.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not an extravagant gift but it is something that I am proud to give Adri. It’s filled with thought, care, and love. That’s the way gifts should be.

Celebrations are a gift within itself, it is an opportunity to rejoice in one’s accomplishments, the anniversary of relationships or one’s mere presence in our lives. I hold all these occasions close to my heart, for they represent all the reasons I have to delight in the extraordinary life that I’m fortunate enough to live.