Sophomore Year Shopping List

With Sophomore year just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for my new and very own dorm room! I am so stoked to be rooming with my lovely roommates from last year. What’s even better? We all have our own bedroom and our own kitchen & bath! Time to start decorating…

School/Desk Supplies

  • Lilly Pulitzer Planner
  • New Stationary
  • 5 Subject Notebook
  • New pens (Black and colored)
  • Desk Holders/File Holder (3)


  • 4 Photo frames for desk area
  • Large photo frame for wall
  • 3 new vintage/ Black & White photographs
  • Lights
  • New Painted Canvases (4)
  • Fabric Headboard


  • Makeup Organizer (that spins)
  • Three Laundry baskets for under bed
  • Lilly Pulitzer Weekly Calendar Frame


  • 4 new pillows, assorted sizes, white and gold accents
  • White Duvet cover
  • Body Pillow


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