Looking Better Than You In Preppy Clothes Since 1996

I woke up on Friday morning to 8 inches of fresh powder outside my apartment window. To my surprise, and I’m sure the rest of Nashville’s, mother nature decided to spring a winter storm on music city.

It only makes sense, a majority of Belmont’s students, myself included, felt the need to go outside, play in the snow and spend an insane amount of time watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.

Amidst the city shutting down, friends coming and going from room 406, and watching chick flicks, I managed to bundle myself in all my favorite sweaters, scarves and wool socks. I took full advantage of Mother Nature’s Northern weather gift and slipped into the comforting feeling of home.

The comfort and warmth had me thinking about a sensitive topic, and by no means an easy one to necessarily talk about.

My mom closet.

It came to my attention a while back, my mom style, or as I would prefer to say, preppy style is often made a joke of.

But, why?

Living in a society where we often praise our freedom and right to express ourselves however we want, my more modest style became a topic of conversation among people I’ve grown up with.

A few years back, I let my mom take me on the shopping spree she had been asking for years to take me on. I had turned a corner and decided it was time to embrace the style I so quietly loved but never dared to show.

We drove up to the Merrimack outlets and spent the afternoon embracing all Vineyard Vines and The Loft had to offer.

Like many other people, the right clothes make us feel good. When we slip on the dress that feels just right or the top that highlights your favorites parts of yourself, we are content.

For the first time in quite some time, I felt all these feelings. For years, I’ve dealt with a lack of self-confidence. Often times it’s more overwhelming than it should be, but my style, these clothes I chose to wear every day, they make me feel like I’m worth a million bucks.

Whenever someone tells me I look and dress exactly like my mom, I take it as a compliment, because being told I look like my mom is one of the biggest compliments you could pay me.

Let’s clear the air on a few things.

  1. Your style does not determine your personality. Whether you’re wearing vans or a pair of Sperrys, you could be a ray of light or a pain in my side. Just like I determined my style, I determine what I want people to think of me, more importantly, what I think of myself.
  2. One-piece bathing suit or not, your comfort level is what you But I’m going to stick to my Aerie one piece because it makes me feel like Beyoncé in the Single Ladies music video.
  3. Your clothes have the power to lift you up. When you wear what makes you feel like the next best politician, journalist or human rights activist, you can conquer the world.
  4. Anyone can dance. I know, strange point, but very valid. We all have the power to let go of the reigns, whether it’s on the dance floor, jamming out to guitar or going for a swim. Mine just happens to be on the dance floor wearing my swaggy clothes and dancing to Christina Aguilera.

Throw away the labels. Put aside the predetermined thoughts you have about the hipster with the awesome floppy hat walking down the street or the Polo dressed guy in loafers heading your way that is rocking a pair of loafers.

We live in a beautiful time in history. People are encouraged to express themselves however they see fit and are influenced to embrace those they normally might shun.

Take advantage of that opportunity, because I know I am.