The Basket of Muffins

If someone put a basket of muffins in front of you, would you…

A. Take one then save the rest for other.

B. Eat them all

C. Save a little pride and simply, try them all.

For me the answer is clear, and it’s the once option I didn’t give you.

D. Try them all, then eat the one I liked the most.

One of my best friends recently said something to me that sparked doubt in my head rather than what she intended, flattery.

“Meg, you have so many talents, you could just have a bunch of part-time jobs after college,” she said.

Sound familiar? A basket of muffins compared to a handful of part-time jobs?

While she may not be wrong, I was struck by the possibility I may not be in the position to hold a full-time job.

Well, shit.

Unless I consider being a full-time canine mommy a sustainable and sufficient income, I’m screwed.

My tendency to hone as many hobbies and projects my mental capacity will allow (and sometimes not allow), led to a BA in Journalism, minor in Spanish, 7 years of experience in Concert Production & photography and an excessive need to plan everything I can.

The idea I could do it all because *cue the spotlight and voice change 3 octaves higher*, I’m a millennial was wrong. Wicked wrong (that is so grammatically incorrect but, I’m from Massachusetts, I can’t help it).

Hobbies and projects later, I’ve been left more confused than my dog after he looks at his empty food bowl every night, dazed as to why the bowl doesn’t have limitless food.

You and me both Marley Moo. 

Two years from now, I’ll be searching for jobs I didn’t even know were on my radar. My spectrum of interest has become so large, it’s gotten more out of hand than my obsession with dogs.

Here’s the thing, at my core, I’m a writer. We all have stories to tell, it is just a matter of whether we decide to put them to paper or not. I enjoy putting my stories to paper.

I started writing a book this year. It isn’t anything special, and I’m sure it’s only ordinary, but it’s something. It’s progress.

But if I were to follow the path I’ve been walking the past 7 years, I should focus on concert production.

Point Proven!

I start too many projects. I have too many hobbies and I’m far too ambitious for my own sanity.

In an attempt to prove my own thoughts, because apparently I need to validate everything I write, I set the timer for thirty seconds and created a list of all the career options and paths I see myself working toward.

  1. Concert Producer
  2. News Broadcaster
  3. News/Television Producer
  4. Public Relations Representative
  5. Photographer
  6. Wedding Planner
  7. Event Planner
  8. Speech Writer
  9. Author
  10. Mother

I stated this earlier but let me repeat myself; I’m too damn ambitious.

Millennials live in a cutthroat world and rather than narrow our interest to one specific field, we’re forced with the idea we won’t be able to pursue the one field we want. So we think outside the box and expand.

We try all the muffins and attempt to eat them all whole, rather than choose one. Along the way, the muffins crumble and they lose the sweet appeal they once had. Respectfully so, a piece of ourselves gets lost along the way, ironically, in an effort to find what’s right for us.

Hopefully, someone will deliver a basket of muffins to my doorstep soon. Inside will be a sealed envelope (scented chocolate, because it’s my imagination and I can do whatever the hell I want) telling me what I’m supposed to be doing about this whole career-shin-dig.

Until then I’m going to keep trying all the muffins.

So far, corn muffins are in the lead.