Baggage Style

For some, everyday fashion is nothing more than slipping on a cute blouse and the clean jeans fresh out of the laundry, for others, it’s spending an allotted time each night planning an outfit for the next day.

I happen the be the latter of the two. I crack a smile at any opportunity to shop, eagerly try clothes on whether I am at J.Crew or my closets at home, and will jump on any opportunity to have my picture taken in a cute outfit.

I adore all things fashion.

If I were to choose between J.Crew and Polo Ralph Lauren I’d ask you to flip a coin for me. Both brands represent something my Mimi instilled in me years ago.

What’s classic now, will remain classic 50 years.

My Mimi, the essences of class and sophistication, firmly believes, if you invest in something of quality it will last beyond the years only visible in sight.

Unfortunately, this style comes at a price, and so does living as a college student. To combine my appreciation for fashion with the reality of being a college student, I’ve begun to slowly invest in pieces I know will last.

Here are a few of my favorites I will be saving up for before the big move to New York!


Cedar Street Jensen Tote This bag will for sure be by my side while I am living in NYC. Perfect size for my planner & laptop!


Women’s Wellie Rain Boots Most people opt for Hunter Rain Boots, but L.L. Bean has never failed me when it comes to outdoor gear! NJMU5867_001

Satin Faille Fit and Flare Dress There’s the little black dress, then there is the perfect evening dress for almost any occasion, and this is absolutely it.