The Working Week

If you were to ask me one of my hobbies, I would most likely reply, writing, dancing and spending hours watching dance videos on Youtube.

The dancers hit every move, the outfits are killer, and the videos are just, swaggy.

Fun fact, whenever I am teaching dances I’ve choreographed, ‘swaggy’ is hands down my favorite word to use.

This week’s top 5 #WerkWednesday videos

Don’t Stop The Music ~ Hamilton Evans

Bacon ~ Kyle Hanagami

Mo Money Mo Problems ~ Wildabeastadams

Dance Like Yo Daddy ~ Hamilton Evans

Pose ~ Hyojin Choi

I’m a firm believer, if you look swaggy you are guaranteed to feel swaggy. Here are some of my favorite dance pieces

Under Armor UA Fly-By Leggings

Adidas Superstars

Adidas AdiZero Hat

Out From Under Tie-Up Hoodie Sweatshirt


P.S. The photo for this post is from my sorority’s Greek Sing. One of my best friends, Bailey and I choreographed the 15-minute performance and it has to be one of my favorite memories from sophomore year.