As Meg Would Say: Coldplay, Gilmore-isms & rainy Fridays

Gilmore Girls officially returns on November 25, 2016, it’s the day before our Coldplay show at the stadium, and Massachusetts is getting some much-needed rain!

sookie_smileIf you didn’t check out the trailer for the Netflix revival or want to indulge in it’s greatness again,  click here!!!

As much as I love work, curling up in a fuzzy blanket, watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and texting my sorority family obsessively about Rory’s love triangle, or as some would say square, is the dream right now. 

While I’m physically on-site working on a show, my mind is stuck in Stars Hollow reminiscing on some of my favorite Gilmore-isms!

What is a Gilmore-ism? Simply, it’s to do as the Gilmores would do. 

SO, until November 25th, 2016, I plan on sharing a few of my favorite Gilmore-isms each week as I re-watch the series. Here are the first few!

The Fourth Wind

How will you be preparing for the return of Lorelai’s witty comments, Rory’s love triangle or some would say square and Emily’s updates on all things DAR?