The Working Week

1.pngWOW, it has been a crazy week! The days are widdling away until I leave for New York, and I am slowly starting to get my bearings & make to-do-lists.

There is a summer update coming soon, but I had to spend the last week enjoying some much-needed vacation time.

In this week’s #WorkWednesday…!

Top 4 Style Picks: 1 2 3 4

I have been obsessed with Urban Outfitters lately & working on my ‘work & concert’ clothes if you can’t tell.

But seriously, Urban just came out with a killer Tommy Jeans line!!

*Perks of working in the music business, work clothes can be a lot of fun & super creative!

2kate-spade-bow-dress-645x860This didn’t make the #WorkWednesday graphic, but my mom rules, she surprised me with the cutest Kate Spade dress. I’m obsessed with the open back!! If you’re reading this, hey mom, I love ya!

I have been listening to so many new artists lately. If you haven’t listened to any of Grace’s new soundtrack, go do that right now!!! And if you’re looking to swoon over breath-taking lyrics (and looks), go listen to Conrad Sewell.

Top 3 YouTube Picks, of course, include some of my favorite dance channels, but who doesn’t love some James Corden1 2 3