The PA Diaries Feat. The Phone Booth

The song Pure Imagination has been playing in my head for days now, popping up in the most random moments, while I’m at my desk listening to One Direction’s Olivia, while I’m watching the recap of Laurie & Val’s Dancing With The Stars performance while drinking my morning cup of chai tea, and walking through Fulton station jamming to Karmin’s cover off their new album.

Imagination plays in my head all day long, I work for a company where we daydream impossible ideas and turn them into contagious and gripping experiences.

There is music playing throughout speakers at all times, a Googa Mooga machine in the corner waiting to be played by anyone needing a 5 minute break and a wall quite literally, lined with teal velvet cushions and a velvet bench stretching all the way across, waiting to catch you when your tush is needing a break.

Talk about motivation to get some work done and stimulus for the brain.

We even have these great phone booths for personal calls and meetings small enough for two people. Lined with tiles of sound proof, bubbly board, these phone booths are the breeding ground for all creativity and imagination, a place where I can shut myself out and write all the crazy shit going on in my head onto a piece of paper.

I get attached to my ideas, holding them close to my heart, letting them turn into this larger than me scale I can no longer keep a firm grasp on, and that’s when I share my ideas with other people, essentially the ideas leave the phone booth and go somewhere else, where some other co-worker, intern, whoever can add to the possibilities.

There is this atmosphere of a collaborative imagination here, sharing ideas, fostering each other’s thoughts, and expanding into a stronger and more versatile brand.

The Lesson of the day today, thought to share, bubble popping in my head, however, you want to phrase it, sometimes, turning over a new leaf and letting someone else lend a hand in a legacy defined by one company isn’t a bad thing. It’s a chance for change I never anticipated, a chance for growth I thought was unnecessary, a chance for failure and learning not everything is meant to be, a chance to let things simply be.

We can’t grow too attached to the shows, the projects, the brainstorms, the ideas. Our brains aren’t going to stop working anytime soon, so I certainly hope the creativity sizzling inside isn’t going anyway either.

We can grow attached to the team we create, the attitude we foster and the brand we represent.

Call yourself a creator, a producer, marketing genius or content creator, whatever it is, I’d be surprised if the next weirdest, wildest and most wicked of wicked awesome events wasn’t sitting somewhere in the depths of your imagination.

Bring it up in the next conversation.

After all, we aren’t in this business to create unimaginable experiences for a select few, right?