The PA Diaries Feat. Esplanade

The Key takeaway from the office today; every decision being made is not going to be made at the office. Those decisions will be made at bars, parties, outings, coffee breaks, almost any place but the office.

Creativity fails us when we least expect it, and in my experience, it tends to be when I’m at work, when I need that bottled creativity to unleash the magical powers I have imagined it to have in my head.

Creativity knocks on our heads when we are at a show when we are reading the latest edition of The Lenny Letter, listening to our favorite morning podcast on the subway, and the most reoccurring one for me, when I’m laying in bed trying not to think.

Being the intern, the production assistant, the entry level position, or whatever one may be known as is an opportunity to be a sponge and soak everything in. But, everything has its limits, everything does not mean you need to be overworking yourself  and have your head buried so far in your laptop you miss the fun around you.

Go to happy hour, talk about the diabolical plans to jumpstart your own company with your like-minded and creative friends, go see a show and forget about the meeting you have in the morning.

The meeting isn’t going anywhere, but you are.