The Friday Takeaway

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With a weekend filled with nothing but reading, writing, and doing things all in the name of ‘me’, I am looking forward to catching up on some highly anticipated album releases and reading through some of my favorite publications. If you’re looking for some reads, here are a few to get you started.

  1. bataclan-01-billboard-2016-1548

    Philippe Lopex/Getty Images

    Bataclan Terror Attack Anniversary: Club Owners, Security Experts & Music Fans on How We Live Now : After the one-year anniversary of the Bataclan Terror Attack there have been changes in the operations and day-to-day routines of music venues all over the world, specifically Bataclan.

  2. Review: DNCE Shed Jonas Brother’s Past on Sexy, Silly Debut :As a former Jonas Brothers fan, I will give any track with their name on it a chance. Rolling Stone says they have mastered the genre of ‘fun’, and I certainly agree.
  3. rs-dnce-30fde6c7-2685-48ae-a38b-8f0942ac8e1a

    F. Scott Schafer 

    10 New Artists You Need to Know: November 2016 :Need a few new artists to listen to? Want to know who they sound like? What their muse is? Check out Rolling Stone’s monthly lineup of up and coming artists.

  4. Review: Bruno Mars’ ’24k Magic’ Is a Lush Nineties Throwback :One more review because, who doesn’t love new music and the biased opinions we all have on our favorite artists?

This weekend’s albums

  • Glory Days, Little Mix tumblr_og9osoxb2k1vgbc7ko1_1280.jpg
    • Notable tune: Privatean ode to our favorite era of music, a time when Christina and the Spice Girls ruled the game.
    • Notable tune: Trumpets, an anthem to dancing, vibrato from our favorite Jonas?  DNCE sets the tone for the fun in store for the rest of the album.
  • Bruno Mars,
    • Notable tune: That’s What I Like was the first song to come on when I clicked shuffle on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’, it is safe to say, it was on repeat for the entirety of my commute.