The PA Diaries Feat. Some Uber

I’m back!!

Sometimes, we need a hiatus from out thoughts, time to separate, time to recuperate, time for ourselves. I’ve been struggling to create content I found worth writing about, creatively, I’ve been in this dark whole.

Between the holiday break with family, a trip to Nashville and a change in responsibilities at work, the past two months have been a doozy. Thus, the time to breathe and forget about hobbies for a while and instead, binge watch Gilmore Girls.

Awe struck and enamored by the livelihood of Park Ave this Super Bowl Sunday, I’m taken back by a beauty that has become nothing but ordinary. The realization overwhelms me, this is mine, I belong to this piece of art that is an attraction to all but, reality to few. I am one of the fortunate, yet, admitting fortune doesn’t even compare to the longing of such we are constantly in search of.

Maybe that is why this city is often not enough for some, it’s too large to notice the fine detail, it can be overwhelming and completely consuming. Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen into a creative dark whole.

More to come.