The PA Diaries Feat. Pen & Paper

Happy Monday!

Pausing during a busy day to recognize how COOL it is to work in a field where I can call my dad, and genuinely converse about thoughts, ideas, and processes that have worked for him in the past and get his honest opinion.

It’s easy to lose sight of the value those above you can offer. I often get more caught up in the idea of generating NEW ideas, I forget what it is like to sit down, talk with those who have been around long enough to have decades of experience, and put pen to paper rather than typing keys on a device.

And you know what, he is so right!

It’s worth it to simply get ideas down on paper before we hash out the details and perfect it to what is preferred.

Ideas take though and thoughts deserved to be written down on paper, not necessarily a screen.

In other news: life in the city is sunny & beautiful!

City life has been hectic and crazy, to say the least, so last weekend a trip home to Boston was more than necessary. Of course, as it seems to be a repeating pattern, every time I  head home, a snow storm hits, or three in my case. Boston and New York experienced three glorious days of winter weather which made for well spent time with my family.

More than anything, my time in New York has allowed me to spend more time with my family compared to when I was living in Nashville. And they were missed, more than I realized.

Weekends home, time spent at our kitchen island catching up on life happenings, car rides to and from the bus station, my mother’s home cooked meals (oh my gosh, how I missed those, shout out to you mom), have all been a humbling reminder as to how fortunate I am.

Lots of reminiscing happening on this sunny Monday afternoon and feeling simply grateful.