The Working Week |5/3/17

To curate content, researching content, listen, write, watch, observe. It’s a constant in the day-to-day life of a creative. The constant humming of thought fears silence and is fueled by artistry.

As a creative, we identify ourselves solely in our work, what we produce, and the needs to fulfill the strongest desire to keep doing. Before we have done enough, we find ourselves in a limbo, so far removed from the creativity we were fiercely or silently creating.
Efforts to find creative again began with an acceptance of inner qualities, habits, and struggles that needed TLC. Major TLC.
So, I started to do more. Learn more.
Self-reflection. Meditation. Podcasts. Book Clubs. More books. Exercise. Moderation. Meg time. SELF-REFLECTION (can I get an amen).
I am ECSTATIC to be spending the summer with more of less, no concrete plan.  I’m thrilled to have time to focus on mental and emotional health because the person I was allowing to step into my soul was determined to drive my heart off of a beaten path. I am motivated to curate creativity for my own greater happiness.
And on that note, the ‘Working Week’. But this time, I’m modifying the list a bit from previous times.
5 Noteworthy Reads 
I recently subscribed to Emma Roberts & Karah Preiss’s book club (raise your hands in the air like ya just don’t care), Belletrist, and April’s book of the month was South and West by the ever so charming, Joan Didion.
Go. Pick. It. Up. You are doing yourself the biggest favor and will be reading an honest piece of work from personal experience, observation, and an open mind. And all captured in the 70s, that should be reason enough, right? [1]
I have been reading Cameron Diaz’s Body Book for a few weeks now. Filled with fact, laughs, and research, it’s a nerd’s dream, yet sugar-coated with an ounce of honesty and necessity to learn & accept where you, physically, mentally, and emotionally, are now, and how to keep moving forward. [2]
Who doesn’t love a great YA novel? Who doesn’t love a good YA novel with an intentional and thoughtful storyline? No one? That’s what I thought. [3]
Well & Good. Think & Read. Go & Do. However you want to coin the term, but go read this blog ladies. All the goods ranging from the best Unicorn latte to tips for improved sleeping patterns are all there. [4] [5]
4 Illuminative Podcasts
Dear Sugar is one of my new favorites, and ‘Looking for the One, Part One: The Anxiety’ hits the nail on the head when it comes to being single and anxiety that announces itself, subconsciously and consciously. Cheryl Strayed, the host, and author of acclaimed memoir ‘Wild’, speakers from a place of honesty and sincerity. Her tone exudes the tone of “I am listening and here to talk it out”. [1]

Another one of her podcasts I listened to this week, ‘Letters From Teenagers’ pulls listeners in and reminds us of the raw and purity of a teenager’s mind, and the emotions they are experiences. Their infants in the world of understanding and Cheryl touches on the various experiences of young teenagers.  [2] & [4]

Rookie. Wow, wow, wow, talk about a female BOSS lady. Tavi Gevinson, a warrior for woman, superstar writer and all the kind of gal I’d want to drink coffee with all day. [3] 
3 Tunes
I’m The One, DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne [1]
Most Girls, Hailee Steinfeld [2]
Want You Back, Haim [3]
2 Questions to ask Yourself
How are you spending your time today?
What did you do for yourself today?
1 Weekly Reminder
[1] Grow what lasts longer than you. #WorkWendesday