And We’re Back.

It has been a while, to say the least.

Moment of honesty: I have had zero desire to write this Summer.




Between moving from New York to Boston, then Boston to New York, the intention I felt filled with when I sat to write was non-existent. Now that I am back in Nashville, officially, I’ve been overcome with a sense of solitude. I have 9 months to enjoy, embrace and welcome the possibilities of Senior year.

Thoughts are slowly popping into my head, ‘where will I work?’, ‘what city will I welcome into my life next?’, or in the possibilities of taking time off, ‘what road trip do I want to embark on?’.

Keeping lists on my computer, I’m trying my best to push those thoughts aside for now. If New York taught me anything it was the possibility of opportunity is comparable to a revolving door. Constantly entering, just as it is leaving.

I’ll jot my ideas down, I’ll keep note of them on Trello (LIFESAVER tool if you are a list person in need of an online tool), but I’m trying not to glue my attention to what is not worthy of my attention at the moment. 

I say trying because that’s simply what it is, I am trying. Not always succeeding.

In the result of this effort, my desire to write has lessened as my attention has been elsewhere. Publically, I have hardly written. But personally, the pages of my journals have filled as the emotions and processing of thoughts of a whirlwind year continue to unfold.

This post, coffee inspired and thought driven, has no main point other than to share where I am at.

And a side note to my family – Thank you for continually supporting my ever changing ambitions and imaginative pursuits. Your faith and love for my well-being do not go unseen.