Baggage Style: Incorporating Cleaner Cuts

After moving back to Nashville, my style, just on cue, metamorphosizes slowly toward my edgier and bohemian tendencies. As a woman who loves fashion & the freedom it prevails, I have

A little over one year ago, I declared my independence to any constraints held within a ‘style’. Refusing to believe my style should be rooted in only certain elements, I began to embrace my chameleon-Esq ways. I refuse to believe, although if you asked Meg five years ago she would fight you on this, people are glued to certain trends.

There is genuine joy in metamorphosizing based on the places I go, the environment I am in & the people I am around. Guilty as I am to adoring ‘trends’, and what is ‘in’, I firmly believe value lies in ‘classic & timeless’ pieces as my Mimi would say.

Here are a few photos from a recent photoshoot with a peer & beloved friend, Ahmad. A skilled photographer & genuine friend, Ahmad has taken plenty of photos for me over the past four years. He continues to evolve, and I continue to look forward to our shoots together.


Photos By: Ahmad Merhi, Click Here!

Collared Shirt: Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren

Pants: J. Crew Factory

White Collared Shirt: Boutique