The Summer of 19

If you can’t tell, I’m a “List girl”. If I can find a reason to make a list, I most certainly will. While my summer days are filled with a full-time job, time with friends and minimal sleep I rarely have time to take adventures. Yet I still find myself  planning for other possibilities and goals for the summer. On my long road trip home from Nashville, I created this list of goals, along with a few other personal goals I keep in my journal, that I hope to achieve this summer. Slowey but surely I’ve been working on this list and adding checkmarks. I only have 50 days left to complete my list, wish me luck!

  • Road trip to 5 places I’ve never been (even if it’s just a day trip)
  • Finish my journal
  • Read at least five books
  • Create a list of why I love being single
  • Complete the Coffee House Adventures
  • Stop making lists… just kidding that will never happen